Top 10 Dubai Hotels With Casinos

Dubai hotels with casinos

If you are going to stay in Dubai and prefer to gamble at the ease of your staying place, some marvelous hotels are offering the same. Dubai is a place where physical casinos are not into revolution. There are restrictions over casino games, but this doesn’t mean you can’t quiz your luck and see if you get lucky any day.

Here we bring you the top 10 hotels that don’t just offer world-class convenience but also let you have a taste of gaming clubs and betting.

Here is the list of those almighty hotels –

Burj Al Arab

This hotel is one of the top iconic hotels for luxury located at the Dubai beach, which has been visited by various famous personalities and performers from all over the world.

They are well known for their snail-shaped suites and more than 202 rooms in the hotel, and this hotel is said to be one of the world’s expensive hotels in the world.

burj al arab casino

They provide unique foods that can be very addictive from its major restaurant present in this hotel is called the “Sal” that provides an exclusive menu, and the age limit is above 12 years.

They have two different types of world-class spa and workout areas with personal trainers and an area for beach games, indoor games, and other table games for health and entertainment.

While speaking of table games, it is believed that Burj has a mini-casino inside that includes all different types of poker games and lucky slot machines as a part of the attraction.

Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeira

When you want to view the beach and sandy life all around you, do check out the services of Waldorf Astoria hotel. Being part of the Habtoor Group, the hotel is located in the Palm Jumeirah district.

Having said that, the location is one of the most beautiful parts of Dubai. The hotel offers the most luxurious accommodations to its guests, and since 2013, it’s been managing its reputation so well.

There are a total of 320 rooms here, which are assorted into different categories. The panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf is what attracts people to stay at this place. You don’t have to worry if you are a fan of casinos and relate stuff as the hotel offers plenty of opportunities for that.

Besides making it the most comfortable and luxurious place to stay, the place is a haven for many events, meetings, conferences, and such happenings. Fifty luxurious treatments along with the private beach view lure just anyone to this place called “Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeira hotel.”

Also, you don’t just end up playing casino games; there is snorkeling, paddle-boarding, wind-sailing and deep-sea fishing, and many such water activities with a personal assistant that you don’t want to miss.

The Metropolitan Hotel

This is one of the most famous hotels in Dubai, present since the year 1979, which is graciously called “The Met” by the local people of Dubai.

This place provides different types of suits: deluxe, premium, premium plus, family room, junior suite, premium suite, and finally, the largest of these is the ambassador suite. The suites are picked based on your preferences and the number of people that are accompanying you.

The nightlife in this hotel is fun and entertaining as it got many amenmetropolitan hotel dubai casinoities for leisure that includes all the luxurious activities. They have an amazing rooftop swimming pool from where we get a beautiful view of Downtown Dubai. It also has many health care activity areas like a spa, fitness center, steam room, and Sauna room.


One of its best amenities is the Casino, which includes games like Bingo, Slot machine and few table games like Blackjack, craps and the famous game “Poker.” This facility has also started attracting adventurous travelers and millennials to their hotel.

Raffles Dubai

Does staying in an Egypt-themed place always excite you? If yes, then you should not miss having a stay at Raffles Dubai. The place is amidst the city center and is well-connected to the city. The building is designed in such a way that it seems like a pyramid from ancient Egypt. You would receive all kinds of luxury here while feeling like an emperor of your suite.

The hotel provides different categories of Rooms and Suites which a family or individuals can choose as per their stay requirements. There are Club Rooms, Dubai Skyline Club Rooms, and Signature Rooms. This way, the hotel features 252 luxurious rooms with your private balcony and the most spacious room.

Similarly, you can explore Suites from Diplomatic, Landmark, Presidential, Penthouse, and Royal Suites. To keep you entertained and never go out of thrill, there are casino games available. Hundreds of table games and slot machines always become a point of interest for the guests. Dining and clubbing are also the options to try while not forgetting the spa services to pamper yourself.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Why stay somewhere else when you can have the glamour and vibe of Dubai all to yourself? The all luxurious hotel provides 470 rooms, inviting many guests to its most amazing accommodation services. Set against the Dubai Marina skyline, it offers both ocean and city life views.

The place offers you more of a resort experience where you enjoy nightlife and make every day a new experience. Someone with an explorer’s soul wanting a luxurious hotel and its amenities should never miss visiting FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai.

There is a lot more to enjoy, and the fun just never ends. There is a full spectrum of water activities where you can enjoy kayaks, paddleboards, boats, and much more.

The Kids Club lets the family buy some heavenly time for their kids. There are interactive games, arts, crafts, dancing, singing, and much more.

There are restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and a world of casino games as well. Place your bets and experience your luck taking turns. Gambling is so much fun at a place like Five Palm resort.

Rixos Premium Dubai

For those who want to experience an urban lifestyle and premium world, choose Rixos as your premium Dubai stay place. This is situated at the very center of Dubai, which has no lack of luxurious accommodation. The rooms here offer the most amazing panoramic views of the beach, where the world’s largest Ferris Wheel savors as a treat for the eyes.

This is exotic heaven where you can feel the vibe of most vibrating city life. All the best shopping markets are close to the hotel. This premium hotel brings 414 luxurious rooms where comfort speaks, and style reflects. Guests also become able to shop from Rodeo Drive, Via Rodeo, and Ocean Drive situated within the boundaries of this hotel.

If you wish to blend a feel of casino life, the hotel is a perfect world for that too. Any type of gambling soul looking for Blackjack, roulette, stud poker, punto baccarat, or something else will always have great fun here.

Ja Ocean View Hotel

Situated on the Jumeirah Beach, one of Dubai’s most famous and popular beaches, Ja ocean view hotel is all you need. There are rooms infused with the scenery of the sea and your private balcony. Suitable for all individuals, the place offers a swim in the infinity pool, shopping spots, restaurants and bars, and several enthralling activities.

Worth mentioning, the hotel is the place in Dubai which offers Motorino. The world-famous New York pizzeria, which is loved by celebrities and admired by the New York crowd, is now available at JA Ocean View Hotel.

The property can be accessed by business individuals as well as tourists and travelers. There are six restaurants and bars that offer scenic Arabian Gulf views and free WiFi throughout the property.

You can relax in the outdoor swimming or sweat in the gym area. You can then give a chance to your luck at the casino area with many table games and slots.

Caesar’s Palace Bluewater Hotel

This hotel is one of the top ten luxurious hotels in Dubai, which does justice to its name because it gives you the royal feel of living in a Palace. Caesar’s Palace is known as the “Island Hotel,” which provides an ocean view for every suite in the hotel.

The hotel has about 194 suites and rooms with a stunning view and humongous TV with a wide selection of international channels.

It has an unbeatable restaurant run by Gordon Ramsay, one of the world’s best and well-known chefs of all, and his kitchen is known as “Hell’s kitchen.” They provide amazing varieties of different continental foods and cuisines from all over the world.

Another best part about this hotel is their Qua Spa which offers treatments using Japanese technology.

As a part of the entertainment, the hotel provides a special room called “Poker room,” since it is illegal to play casinos in UAE, people like to visit such gaming areas in these hotels. Many professionals prefer to visit poker rooms for their practice and entertainment, and they also call it their “homeroom.”

Fairmont Hotel

This hotel was renamed in the year 2001, which was previously known as the Canadian pacific. The Canadian pacific hotel was split into many smaller companies, and Fairmont became one of the separately traded companies.

This hotel is advertised as the Arabian sanctuary styles hotel with 391 rooms and suites designed in different styles based on people’s comfort and affordability with the best views of the city skyline and Arabian Gulf on the other side.

This luxurious hotel is situated at a 30 minutes travel from the Dubai airport on the beachside, which allows the hotel to have various beach sports like volleyball, football, etc.

Fairmont proves to be the hotel for all by having different amenities for all the people: Fairmont falcon kid’s club for children, sparkling beach, water sports, and pool for the couples and youth.

The best part about this place is the award-winning spa called the willow stream spa is present here, and it also includes many health clubs with personal trainers for the guests.

This place also includes a casino area that offers games like a slot machine and a large variety of casino table games to test your luck and to take you through an adventurous trip in the world of gambling.

This place will be a treat for casino lovers as it provides games like high card flush, baccarat, Blackjack, single zero roulette, craps, and endless exciting games.

Al Habtoor City Hotel

This is a different city where there are various hotels like Habtoor Palace, Hilton hotel and V hotel present in different main locations in the city.

The most famous among these hotels is the Habtoor palace hotel, whose exterior architecture gives the feel of a royal palace with 1,600 rooms and suites for the guests.

The Habtoor palace offers six different areas for the restaurant and lounge with a perfectly designed interior and royal menu. The first area to talk about is the world cute steak house that provides different classic steak varieties; the next area is the BQ French kitchen and bar that provides all the exotic French cuisines, and the polo bar, which is a professionally set up bar with a wide range of liquor from all over the world.

When you crave dessert, they have Sidra, a modern cafe and snack area functioning throughout the day. The other two special areas are their two lounge area; one gives the perfect open-air view located inside the Palace and the Champaign lounge that allows you to sip the most luxurious drinks.

Since it is a traditional hotel, they have a minimal setup of casino games inside the hotel, including world-famous gambling games like poker, bingo, slot machine, Blackjack, and baccarat. Even though it has fewer games, the interior designs and sophisticated surroundings of this place are unbeatable. This turns out to be the major reason for it to attract the top gamblers to this hotel.

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