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As the website’s name suggests, Topuaecasinos.com provides top casino suggestions. Our team consists of brilliant experts who have been in the iGaming industry for decades and have a keen sense of selecting the best online casinos in the UAE. 

We solely express our passion for the gambling industry by sharing transparent and impartial casino reviews, lists, and guides. Our services are a proven help for those looking for top UAE casinos and are willing to grow with them. 

Since the launch of this site, we have managed to keep all data authentic, so you get only the exact information you were looking for on-site. 

We are on a never-ending journey to provide you with the latest information on the iGaming industry. Hence, we keep altering the information we provide on this site according to new announcements and casino launches. 

What do we stand for?

At Topuaecasinos.com, we stand by our fundamental principles. These ethics have motivated us and kept our goal of providing the services we offer on this site clear. 


As the iGaming industry is expanding quickly, it is our responsibility to bring advancement in our strategies. 

Our experts have been in the iGaming industry for decades and have witnessed the complete change of phases. Hence, they bring extreme professionalism to this site. 

We have always managed to be one step ahead of our competitors by regularly bringing new ideas and reviews to you.


We do not believe in fluffs, nor do we present sugar-coated lies. We only present crystal clear facts to you.

We believe that the only way we can gain your long-term trust and relationship is by providing honest reviews. 


We are cautious about the content we present on this site. Our expert’s reputation is at stake, so our reviews and guides do not have any outside influence. 

Our quality of services will speak from our end; hence, we solely focus on quality information. 

Whatever data and suggestions you see on this site are highly researched and based on our own experience in the iGaming industry. 


We only focus on casinos that benefit player’s residing in the UAE and looking for fantastic gambling experiences. 

All the guides and articles we share will highly benefit gamblers in the UAE. 

Services we offer

We believe that it is both time-consuming and exhausting to find the best casinos and betting sites in UAE and do thorough research on each one. Therefore we provide you with the lists and guide to some of the most loved casinos of UAE that offer their players overwhelming liberties. 

With us, you save your time going through thousands of casinos, refer to our suggestions, and start gambling. Apart from lists, we also cover thorough guides on how you can get started with some of the most popular casinos and their players’ facilities. 

We at topuaecasinos.com offer in-depth reviews of the best casinos you can find in UAE, and for each casino, we suggest players go through a rigorous quality check from our experts. 

We also provide you with daily, updated information on critical factors and news that we feel are essential for a player to keep in mind. Our articles cover some of the most discussed issues in the iGaming industry. 

We at topuaecasinos.com consider you our priority. Hence, we also have a responsive contact us section where you can leave your suggestions and queries, and we will try our best to satisfy them. 

Our strategies for quality services

We evaluate each online casino you see on our site. We start by checking the existing player’s feedback on a casino and its behaviors toward its players. 

We check if the casino offers its players a quick response time and high problem-solving efficiency. 

We check if the casino offers its players relevant payment methods most commonly used and trusted in UAE. Yet another pointer we evaluate is the range of welcome bonuses a casino offers to its players. 

We look into the types of casino games and the manufacturers contributing to the casino’s collection. We only suggest casinos that offer a wide range of casino games and regularly update their game collection.

We value your time

We do not want you to visit our site once; we want to build a long-lasting relationship with you.

We always keep in mind that your time is essential, and hence we maintain the quality of our services top-notch.

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Vicenzo Davari

Vincenzo, an ardent iGaming enthusiast, has been involved in the world of online casinos and betting since 2017. With a former role as the chief editor of a sports news outlet, he stands as a steadfast pillar within our team, daring to envision ambitious goals. His expertise lies in pinpointing content that could serve as a player's pathway to substantial winnings. Vincenzo is a reserved achiever, subscribing to the philosophy of allowing success to make the most noise. Moreover, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the team functions at its optimal capacity. When it comes to reliability, we can always bet on him.