Online Gambling in UAE: What Happens If You Gamble Online Under 18?

Underage gambling is not allowed in any part of the world. Most popular online casinos take several measures, such as KYC verification and responsible gambling tools, to tackle underage gambling. But what happens if you gamble online under 18? Here’s a detailed article to guide you through the situation.
what happens if you gamble under 18 in uae

Gambling in the UAE

Online gambling is not allowed in the UAE. It’s a grey area; however, no regulation states that residents and visitors can gamble in the country.

According to the UAE Penal Code, gambling at land-based or online casinos in the UAE can cause you a fine from AED 250,000 to AED 500,000 or imprisonment.

Impact of Underage Gambling on Players

UAE and gambling laws

Underage gambling is not recommended for players as it can have multiple consequences. Apart from being penalized, the player can become addicted to gambling in the future. This offense goes into your police record, which can affect everything you do in the future.

For instance, it can create problems getting visas, employment, and admission to educational institutions. Background checks can ruin the opportunities coming your way, so it’s best to stay away from gambling under 18 to avoid any bigger problems in the future.

Be Careful about Gambling Online in the UAE

Underage gambling can cost you your future in the UAE. There are hefty fines and imprisonment if you violate the law. The best thing is to avoid online gambling as much as you can and not engage in any such activities unless the law is flexible. UAE is taking a step towards building land-based casinos in the country, so there’s hope for seasoned players.


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