Ras Al Khaimah To Bring a New Division For Regulating Integrated Resorts

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Recently the Tourism Development Authority in Ras Al Khaimah has announced that the authority is going to form a brand-new division to regulate integrated resort facilities in the Emirate. Here’s everything you need to know about this recent announcement by the RAKTDA.

RAK Tourism Development Authority: Everything You Need to Know

Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA) was established in 2011 and is responsible for promoting the tourism industry across the Emirates. The authority ensures the establishment of the Emirate as a compelling destination for travel and leisure around the world.

The Tourism Development Authority has a license that allows it to regulate the tourism and hospitality industry. RAKTDA is working with the aim of attracting over 3 million visitors by 2025. In order to establish the Emirates as a world-class destination, the authority keeps updating previous old regulations and introducing new laws from time to time.

Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority promotes tourism operations by educating tourists and travelers about various attractions. It also implements initiatives and coordinates with industry partners to bring innovation into the tourism industry. Aside from this, RAKTDA is also responsible for developing different marketing strategies to brand and promote Emirate’s tourism. The authority is often in the news for hosting sports, cultural, and CSR events.

Formation of a New Regulatory Division For Gaming Activities

Whenever it comes to forming any law or regulation, the United Arab Emirates always considers the cultural and social aspects of the law. One of the seven members of the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah, is all set to introduce a new authority for regulating entertainment and gaming activities within its jurisdiction. Recently, the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA) announced to form a new authority for covering licensing and taxation of gaming operations at resorts, lounges, and convention spaces.

The government will form this regulatory division for monitoring the gaming operational procedures and safeguarding consumer protection. Many global jurisdictions have introduced a similar regulation of gaming operations, and Ras Al Khaimah is following the same. This announcement of regulating gaming activities as part of integrated resorts has been appreciated by many experts and diplomats.

As per the sources, the news came after the Wynn Casino announced the opening of a brand new ‘integrated resort’ in Ras Al Khaimah. The authority is going to develop a framework to ensure players’ safety and responsible gaming within their jurisdiction. The new division of RAKTDA will oversee the entire gaming operations within integrated resorts.

Aside from this, the authority is also going to monitor all the laws and regulations for suppliers, operators, and individuals working in this particular sector. Further, advertising, marketing, and financial transactions will also be monitored by the division. All of these efforts will aim to help gaming operations comply with the Ras Al Khaimah Department of Entertainment and Gaming Regulation.

Wynn Announces Integrated Resorts Plans in UAE

Amidst the news of the formation of a new division to regulate gaming activities, Wynn Resorts is all set to plan integrated resorts in the United Arab Emirates. In the past few years, the UAE has supported many gaming operators to set up gaming businesses in the Emirates as it offers a positive impact on the country’s tourism industry. Several casinos and gaming operations with popular names have established resorts and convection spaces in Dubai and other Emirates.

Las Vegas-based Wynn Resorts has scheduled the opening of an ‘integrated resort’ in 2026. This resort will offer gaming, entertainment, and convention facilities to visitors. Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority only announced ‘gaming’ in its statement, and it is not clear if gambling is included or not. One of the recent popular names that are currently in the news is Wynn Resorts. Recently, this Las Vegas-based casino operator and the hotel have made an announcement to develop a multi-billion dollar integrated resort with a gaming space on the Al marhan island of Ras Al Khaimah.

As different big offshore casinos and gaming operators are entering the UAE, the formation of a separate division can surely help in monitoring the gaming activities across the Emirates. It will help the government to promote responsible gaming at all levels. Whether the government will allow ‘gambling’ is not yet clear and is also controversial because gambling is illegal in many Arab jurisdictions. Many people believe that this regulation of integrated resorts can be a significant move by the government. The authority is liberalizing reforms to diversify the tourism sector of the United Arab Emirates along with its traditionally oil-based economy.

The Popularity of Gaming is Increasing in The Emirates

Gaming is now a common form of entertainment across different global jurisdictions, including the United Arab Emirates. Realising the potential of the gaming sector, many countries have already started regulating it and generating huge revenue from that. Now that online gaming is significantly making an impact on the tourism industry and the economy of the Emirates, authorities have also started to make a positive approach.

Further, due to the rise of gaming operations, people are getting more and more interested in the gaming industry. The penetration of the internet and the easy availability of gaming devices are two of the most important reasons why gaming is getting popular in the Emirates. The production of gaming apps and sites is on the rise resulting in a huge market opportunity in the UAE.

The Regulation of ‘Gambling’ is Still Under Consideration

Many people believe that the authority is going to regulate online gambling activities. However, neither Wynn Resorts nor the RAK Authority has used the word ‘gambling’ which tells that the regulation of ‘gambling’ is still under consideration. Integrated resorts are often associated with gambling, casinos, and other entertainment facilities, and this is why people expect the same with the recent resort plan of Wynn in the Emirates. The Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority has not yet responded when whether gambling and casino activities would be allowed or not.


It is quite evident that the establishment of an integrated resort with gaming amenities can add to the UAE’s tourism strategy. On top of that, a new regulatory division will ensure responsible gambling and the safety of tourists from all over the world. Some of the big resorts and hotels in the United Arab Emirates are funded by top casino operators, and this is why people often assume that the government may regulate online gambling at some point.

You may have heard many times rumours regarding the regulation of gambling in the United Arab Emirates. However, the government has strictly prohibited all forms of gambling in the country. The new division of RAKTDA will oversee if the integrated resorts and other gaming operations are complying with the applicable laws and regulations.

There are no clear guidelines about what types of games will be included under the new division and if ‘gambling’ will be regulated or not. Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority has a foremost priority of promoting responsible gaming at all levels and boosting its tourism industry. From implementing laws to monitoring all the advertising and marketing activities, the authority will oversee all by keeping the social and cultural aspects in mind.

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