Fantasy Premier League Tips and Tricks

With the 2024-2025 Premier League season approaching, now is the perfect time to prepare for fantasy football. Winning your league can be tough, but following some simple fantasy premier league tips and tricks from experts can turn your luck upside down. Read the full article for more details.
fantasy premier league tips and tricks

Choosing the Right Players

Player selection is one of the most important Fantasy Premier League tips and tricks to wager money at an online casino. Put time into researching players before selecting your lineup. This can take some time, but our experts heavily emphasize this factor. They recommend doing these things to choose the right players:

  • Form – Look at how players have performed recently and who is in good form going into the new season. This means looking at their previous games, fitness regimes, and other relevant factors.
  • Fixtures – Check a team’s opening fixtures and prioritize players facing weaker opposition before betting. Rotate players based on fixtures, evaluate their performance, and then select a player.
  • Pricing – Consider higher-priced players, but make sure your budget leaves room for substitutes. Bargain players can offer great value.
  • Player roles – Target regular starters, goal scorers, and assist Avoid rotation risks to avoid spending money on the wrong player.

Captaincy & Vice Captain

choosing players for captaincy

Your captain selection doubles their points in the Fantasy Premier League, so it’s crucial to get it right. Some captain tips:

  • Home games tend to yield more returns than away. Consider captaining attackers at home.
  • Check for weakened opposition defenses a player may exploit.
  • Form and past returns can indicate who is a reliable captain choice. Rotate based on fixtures.
  • Change it up – unexpected captain picks can gain rankings points if they haul.

Choosing Substitutes

Substitutes automatically come into your lineup if a starting player doesn’t play in fantasy football. Prioritize starters with good fixtures that are rotation-proof where possible. Also:

  • Spread funds – spend only some on 1st XI and have some left for high-potential substitutes.
  • Stack your bench for DGW/TGW – gain large point hauls if your subs start multiple games.
  • Keep an eye on suspensions/injuries – be ready to sub in cover promptly.

Making Transfers

Your free transfers refresh every game week. Use them carefully throughout the season:

  • Do not waste free transfers early; save them for wildcard later in the
  • Reactive transfers after price changes can lose value for a long time.
  • Plan transfers – use free-hit chips in DGWs/TGWs to avoid taking hits.
  • 4point hits are worth it for 1st team players; avoid for the

Set and Forget?

tips and tricks for fantasy premier league

A ‘set and forget’ approach may work early, but staying engaged is key to long-term success. Remember to:

  • Monitor stats, form, and injury/suspension news weekly.
  • Make transfers to get in players during good fixture runs.
  • Use your wildcard to overhaul the whole team if needed.
  • Be flexible – plans will change, so don’t be afraid to adapt your strategy.


The extra chips add variety and excitement. This is how you can play them strategically:

  • Consider wild carding before double/blank game weeks.
  • Use a free hit chip for maximum flexibility in DGWs/TGWs.
  • Bench boost gives great potential in DGWs when the bench starts.
  • Save your triple captain chip for premium players in DGWs.

Bet on Fantasy Premier League to Enjoy Amazing Wins

Fantasy football is part luck, but following some basic tips can give you an advantage. You can optimize your team with the right research, planning, and reactive transfers. Flexibility is key – don’t be afraid to adapt as the season progresses.

Good luck with your fantasy teams this season!


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